TPL Digital Privacy Initiatives

Sharing the slides from today’s participation in the Gigabit Libraries Network‘s Libraries Respond to Big A.I. session. The session recording on is now available on YouTube as well (I start around 24:50).

Libraries under lockdown – British Library’s Anything But Silent podcast

Screen Shot 2020-08-09 at 9.54.09 AMWas happy to contribute to this pandemic-focused episode of the British Library’s Anything But Silent podcast (starting at 8:00):

Libraries under lockdown
“Amid the pandemic, we hear from the British Library team ensuring crucial documents are delivered to public health services, a library that has exchanged books for food parcels, and a bridal studio, supported by our Business and IP Centre, who pivoted to ‘something new’ when the crisis hit.”

Stories from the Open Gov – ep29 Pam Ryan: Libraries are more than just books

Stories from the Open Gov podcast – ep29 Pam Ryan: Libraries are more than just books

Pam Ryan is the Director for Service Development & Innovation at the Toronto Public Library (TPL), the World’s largest urban public library system, featuring 100 branches, close to 1 million cardholders, and 10 million items that can be checked out. Today Pam tells us how the TPL is changing in the 21st Century to provide Torontonians access to digital innovation hubs, checking out arduino kits, and even offering space for community groups to organize and host events. She also shares a few stories on how the TPL has stepped-up during the COVID-19 lockdown to help foodbanks and those who do not have access to the Internet.

Sidewalk Toronto – How Toronto’s Leading the Way in Library Innovation: A Conversation with Pam Ryan

How Toronto’s Leading the Way in Library Innovation: A Conversation with Pam Ryan

The Toronto Public Library (TPL) has been at the . From creating “innovation hubs” in its branches that provide access to cutting-edge technologies, to partnering with organizations around the city to start a conversation around responsible data use, to spearheading new models of learning, Toronto’s branch libraries are innovating and responding to the needs of the communities they serve. To learn more about the library’s successes — and where it could be headed in the future — we sat down to talk to one of the people at its helm: Pam Ryan, TPL’s Director of Service Development & Innovation.”

Building a Digital Community Inside and Outside of the Library – Urban Libraries Council session at ALA Annual Conference 2019


Happy to have been asked to participate on this panel at the American Library Association Annual Conference: Building a Digital Community Inside and Outside of the Library

“As new and emerging technology are implemented, there is a lack of discussion about how to help the public keep pace with rapid digital transformation and to understand the impact the changes will have on people, and society as a whole. This program will demonstrate how libraries are helping residents embrace digital tools, understand its impacts, and establish a digital culture within the community. The program will explore how libraries’ build internal staff capacity to become more technologically adept so they can help their residents become more productive digital citizens. The program will then examine how libraries develop programs and services about the digital landscape. Specifically, the program will demonstrate how libraries engage residents about digital tools, provide information about those tools, and build people’s skills to make them digitally literate.”

OLA Digital Odyssey – Digital Literacy and City-Building

Great event serving as part of this year’s OLA Digital Odyssey: Digital Literacy and City-Building: Open Data and its role in Civic Health and Urban Planning

On this moderated panel, panelists will share their thoughts on the intersections of digital literacy and city building, drawing on their expertise in urban planning, librarianship, inclusion and technology“.

Go Open Data Conference: Our Digital Community – What’s Needed?

Really enjoyed participating on this panel at this year’s Go Open Data Conference.

Our Digital Community – What’s Needed?

Our digital world holds many challenges as illustrated by Cambridge Analytica, issues related to the local Sidewalk Toronto initiative, the smart cities challenge happening in Canada and differences between our urban and rural communities. This diverse panel will speak to the current state of our digital community and where we need to go.”

  • Moderator: Jury Konga, Open Knowledge Canada
  • Teresa Scassa, Canada Research Chair, Information Law and Policy University of Ottawa
  • Suneel Jethani, Open Data Engagement Manager and Research Fellow, Digital Design and Innovation
    State Government of Victoria, Australia and University of Melbourne
  • Connie McCutcheon, President of MISA Ontario, and Open Data Project lead for the Niagara Region and Administrator.
  • Alex Miller, President and Founder, Esri Canada
  • Pam Ryan, Director, Service Development and Innovation, Toronto Public Library